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Blamuca- Productos de la huerta de Murcia

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Why choose Blamuca?

Because Blamuca guarantees freshness, quality and tradition. Our products are derived from 100% natural one of the best orchard that exist in the country to cultivate: the Huerta de Murcia. The garden of Murcia already have a name for all the Spanish food sector, a name linked especially our flagship product: the lemon, which is in Murcia the perfect production and gathering ground, which gives it a superior quality the rest of the national and international territory. However, Blamuca we are aware that vegetable gardens and orchards can not boast only of lemons; also they have (among other products) the best fruits and vegetables: melons, watermelons, peppers or squash Spain. Therefore, we urge our potential customers to check with your own palate.

Buy Blamuca is to buy Mediterranean Flavour and Freshness!