Melón de la huerta murciana, lo mejor del territorio nacional por Blamuca

The melon is a favorite of those grown in our land products. According to data provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Water in the Region of Murcia they cultivated for 2013 223 668 tons of melons, which speaks for itself about the popularity of the same everywhere in the world.

Its sweet flavor allows use in cooking as a starter (who does not enjoy the traditional and delicious melon with ham?), Add to pasta dishes, desserts … Or just, why not, to cool in summer with a good sliver without matter to the time of day. The fruit is diuretic, respirativo, eupéptico, demulcent, nutritive … brings large amounts of vitamins (such as C) and carbohydrates with low energy content making it ideal for those looking to lose weight. It is also rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus and many other minerals.