Naranjas 100% naturales de la huerta murciana por Blamuca

Orange is a popular citrus for its distinctive sweet flavor but with a touch of acidity. It is very sensitive to frost and temperatures near 0 C ° so the southern Mediterranean areas (like the garden of Murcia) are certainly ideal for its cultivation and harvesting.

About 100 grams of orange provide us with up to 90% of the daily requirement of vitamin C, in addition to antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antitumor effects. They are widely used in cooking, as well as a dessert by itself to produce biscuits, cakes or rolls popular orange.

In Blamuca we produce the best oranges in the garden of Murcia for shipment to various markets, tailoring orders to the different formats and packaging in order to facilitate its transport and distribution to reach the most demanding consumers.